Skills Media are website designers based in Melbourne Australia. Skills Media offer email marketing, website content management and web site development to Australian business.
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Otto Mailing Portal
OTTO pricing
OTTO pricing
OTTO pricing
Regular user
Select Contacts up to Yearly Fee
5,000 $600
15,000 $1,080
50,000 $1,800
100,000 $2,640
Or Light User
Up to 100 Contacts and 100 Email credits $77
Regular user
Select this option if you have more than 100 contacts or want to send more than 100 emails. You can upgrade your contacts anytime.
Light user
Select this option if you have up to 100 contacts and want to send 100 emails over 12 months. You can renew your Light User account or upgrade to a Regular User anytime.
Select email credits needed
Select Email Credits Total
200 $8
2,000 $62
20,000 $420
30,000 $520
Email Credits
Regular Users need to purchase email credits to send emails. Pay as you go, email credits can be topped up anytime.
Select Services Fee
  Yearly Account Backup $120
  Buy Template $770
Account Backup
Back up your contact list, email templates, images and campaign reports.
Buy template
Includes design, programming and testing.
Your Shopping Cart
Regular User
Contacts - 5000
50MB disk space
Item Price: $600
Email Credits - 200
Item Price: 8
Joining Fee: $77.00
*All prices in AUD inclusive GST or administrative charges where your organisation resides outside Australia.